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Sponsored Clubs
Guidelines & Process


  1. A “Sponsored Club” is a group get-together at the LFPCC clubhouse and/or grounds that has been approved by the Activities Coordinator. Some examples would include a book club, crafting group, exercise session, etc.
  2. Sponsored Clubs must be open to all members and their guests.
  3. All “member guest rules” still apply (including parking - see club rules for further details).
  4. Sponsored Clubs will be advertised on the LFPCC website under the “Clubs & Events” calendar.
  5. There may be a cost associated with the club (eg. participant to buy book), but no fees may be charged by club coordinator.
  6. Businesses are not eligible for clubs.
  7. Clubs are responsible for returning the clubhouse and grounds to the condition they started with. This includes set up & clean up.
  8. Clubs may meet up to 3 hours per week. (eg. 1 day for 3 hours, 3 days for 1 hour, etc.)
  9. Members may apply for clubs. Dependents are not eligible.
  10. Paid clubhouse rentals will take priority on the calendar and Sponsored Clubs can be bumped from their time slots.
  11. At this time, sponsored clubs are available to meet on weekdays based on staffing availability.
  12. Failure to follow all guidelines may result in approval being revoked.

Application Process

  1. Submit application by the first Friday of the month via email to or drop off at clubhouse office for review.
  2. Activities Coordinator will review all applications.
  3. Approvals will be granted by the Friday following the monthly Board of Trustees meeting.

Note:This is a 12 month pilot program and will be reviewed in December 2017 or upon the Board’s discretion.

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