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03 Apr 2015 8:43 AM | Deleted user

Is there a plan to restrict the number of non-members parking at the club?  My understanding of the current hall rental contract is that hall guests are allowed to park on the civic club grounds and are only limited based on the number of parking spaces available.  This isn't a problem during winter months, but becomes an issue during the summer.  

If there is not a current plan to limit hall guest parking on the club grounds, I would suggest that there be a designated area with 3 or 4 parking stalls that are posted as "Hall Rental", or "Visitor" parking spaces.  All other hall guests can park across the street by City Hall.

Here is a link to the hall rental contract: 


  • 03 Apr 2015 9:54 AM | Deleted user
    Great idea! Parking is always a challenge on those nice summer weekends. The renters can sort out who gets the coveted 'reserved for rental' spots and everyone else needs a sticker.
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    • 03 Apr 2015 12:09 PM | Deleted user
      Thank you for your suggestions and input.

      The current clubhouse rental policy precludes rental of the club house on Saturday and Sunday during the peak summer usage months of July and August. We have added additional parking but understand it can be challenging on a nice day to find parking while a rental event is underway.

      We will discuss this at our next Board meeting.
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      • 15 Jun 2015 2:55 PM | Deleted user
        Has there been any progress on the issue of limiting the number of hall rental guests parking on-site? Weather has been nice lately, but dozens of cars in the lot with no stickers making it hard for members to access the Civic Club.
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  • 03 Apr 2015 10:52 AM | Anonymous member
    I'm not a huge fan of renting out the picnic shack on such a regular basis. I think we charge $30 and in return lose the use of the grills and some of the only shaded area to eat on the days we actually want to use the club. Last summer seemed to be especially full of birthday parties, etc and if they are all members, hey that's great! But maybe we can cut back on the number we book just to keep facilities open for everyone else to use and enjoy as well? Thank you!
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    • 03 Apr 2015 12:21 PM | Deleted user
      We will be more diligent in enforcing the picnic shelter reservations policies this year. Please review the guidance on this website which includes no picnic shelter reservations on Sundays and only up to 4 reservations per day on other days. Each reservation may last up to 2 hours and up to 2 reservations may occur simultaneously. We hope that by more strictly adhering to these policies, we will improve the member and guest experience at LFPCC.

      The reservation fee is kept low to allow members to bring additional guests onsite on occasion and helps to recover costs associated with propane usage while discouraging the making of unused reservations.

      The picnic shelter BBQs, sinks, refrigerator, freezer, and microwave oven are available to all members and their guests at any time that the club is open during the summer months, including during a reservation.
      During the winter months some or all of the picnic shelter facilities may be packed away in storage or otherwise unavailable.
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    • 03 Apr 2015 1:16 PM | Deleted user
      Separate topic, but similar theme. It's nice to be able to use the club as a member, but it's frustrating when the lot is filled with cars that don't have stickers and the picnic shelter is reserved the entire time.
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      • 07 Apr 2015 11:55 AM | Deleted user
        Hi Patrick, sorry about the frustration at times. It is a challenge to balance access to the available resources of the club. Picnic shelter guests are not allowed to park at the club. Rental of the club house does afford parking at the club for guests of the clubhouse event. As indicated in the response above, we will review this policy at our upcoming Board meeting.
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        • 13 Jun 2015 3:17 PM | Deleted user
          Friday, June 12th at 4:45PM, went to the civic club and there was no parking available. I counted 36 cars in the lot with no stickers.

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  • 17 Apr 2015 9:21 AM | Anonymous member
    Wow, when we rented the hall they made ALL of our guests park across the street by the police station....didn't realize this option existed.
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